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Group D Training Package

A Train the Trainer taught model for those providing care, treatment, assessment or other intervention - medical, psychological and social, or responsible for commissioning such services.

The aims and objectives are to:

  • support others to establish the causal link between mental capacity and impaired decision making;
  • promote practice and recording evidences decisions reached on behalf of someone are compliant with the legal framework of MCA and DoLs;
  • develop others to understand how the process of assessment links diagnosis and impact of the condition on ability to make specific decisions;
  • develop others understanding and analyse defensible decision making evidencing the links between risk and proportionality demonstrating how the practitioner has arrived at the decision;
  • develop others understanding what decisions can be made in Best Interests;
  • develop others to understand the requirements for a complex capacity assessment in respect of a complex decision about health care, mental health or social care;
  • develop others to understand the links between safeguarding and MCA / DoL;
  • develop others¬† to ¬†understand when a case requires escalation to the courts for a decision;
  • develop others to understand the requirements in relation to records for court reports.

The Train the Trainer package will be made available to those who have completed a Train the Trainer course, the LSAB are currently setting dates for these courses which will be adverstised here once dates have been agreed.