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Making Safeguarding Personal

Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) is "a sector led initiative which aims to develop an 'outcomes focus' to safeguarding work, with a range of responses to support people to improve or resolve their circumstances" (Social Care Institute for Excellence).

In simpler terms, MSP means listening and putting the person at the centre of the enquiry, investigation or process.

More specifically, MSP is an initiative which aims to develop a person-centred and outcomes focus to safeguarding work by supporting people to improve or resolve their circumstances.  It is applicable to all agencies working with adults in relation to safeguarding, including those at the initial stages of a safeguarding concern being identified. 

The LSAB has developed a guidance document which is intended to explain MSP and provide agencies with a simple framework which can be used to help practitioners engage with adults, understnad what they want, and achieve the desired outcomes, without losing sight of the importance of keeping them safe.

Download the guidance below: