Serious Case Reviews (SCRs)

The LSCB conducts Serious Case Reviews on cases that meet the criteria as specified in Working Together to Safeguard Children.

Overview reports are published for a period of 12 months. Requests for reports that are "no longer published" should be requested from us by email or in writing.

Learning briefs will remain published to support improvements in practice.


 Case  Overview Report  Learning Brief
 Child G  Published 14 June 2017  Published 15 October 2015
 Young Person  A  No longer published  Published 19 November 2015 (summary  briefing)
 Child O  No longer published  Published 4 March 2016
 Child KG  Unpublished*  Published 6 October 2016:
 Child LA  No longer published  Published 14 December 2016
 Child LB  Delayed in publication**  Published 12 January 2017
 Child LC  Published 14 June 2017  Published 14 June 2017
 Child LD  Delayed in publication**  Published 12 January 2017
 Child LE  Published 14 June 2017  Published 14 June 2017
 Child LF  Published 5 September 2017  Published 14 June 2017
 Child LG  Delayed in publication**  Published 14 June 2017
 Child LH  Published 14 June 2017  Published 14 June 2017


* Decision taken not to publish the overall report to protect the identity of the child and family.

** Overview reports are delayed in publication due to ongoing parallel proceedings.

Multi Agency Learning Reviews (MALR)

Under the Working Together (2015) guidance, LSCBs are advised to conduct reviews of cases which do not meet criteria for SCRs, but which provide valuable lessons about how organisations are working together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.  Although this is not a statutory requirement, such reviews are important in highlighting good practice as well as identifying improvements which need to be made to local services.

Learning briefs are available below to share the learning identified within reviews.

 Case  Learning Brief
 MA  Published 27 June 2017