7 Minute Briefings


Teenagers and Risk Feb 2015

Principles of Assessment April 2015

Safer Sleep May 2015

Information Sharing July 2015

Human Trafficking Aug 2015

Preventing Radicalisation Sept 2015

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Sept 2015

Child Sexual Exploitation Oct 2015

Domestic Violence Abuse Nov 2015

Clares Law Dec 2015

SUDC Jan 2016

Neglect Feb 2016 2015

Missing from Home March 2016

Be Professionally Curious April 2016

Learning From Serious Case Review Seminars April 2016

Honour Based Violence & Abuse May 2016

Forced Marriage June 2016

Female Genital Mutilation July 2016

Report To CDOP Aug 2016

Young Carers Dec 2018

15MB Indicators of Neglect

9 Top tips to use when assessing whether a child is being neglected

Madrasahs Nov 2016

Welsh Model Dec 2016

Safer Organisations Jan 2017

Informing parents of concerns Feb 2017

Risk Sensible March 2017

SMART Goals April 2017

Modern Day Slavery Poster April 2017

Modern Day Slavery Briefing April 2017

Modern Day Slavery Fact Sheet April 2017

Supervision May 2017

Sexting June 2017

SCR Learning July 2017

SEND children August 2017

Online Safety Sept 2017

Coercive Control Oct 2017

Voice of the Child Nov 2017

Online Bullying Nov 2017

Learning Disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health Dec 2017

Online Radicalisation July 2018

Pre-Birth Protocol November 2018

Social Media and Mental Health Feb 2019

Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Environment

Hate Crime

Concealed and Denied Pregnancy

Covid 19 and Safeguarding for Volunteers

Covid 19 and Professional Curiosity

ICON 2020